Women’s Running 10K London: Finsbury Park, Saturday 27th September 2014 – 10AM

Women's running 10k

To mark the Women’s Running 10K Race being affiliated to England Athletics, Women’s Running has set up the Women’s Running 10K London Club Challenge for this year’s event.

With just over two weeks to enter, the Women’s Running 10K in Finsbury Park is the perfect event for women club runners to go for a PB at 10K distance. Last Saturday, Fiona Matheson(handicap 2.5), 53, won the Women’s Running 10K race in Glasgow in a time of 35.39 (just 34 seconds short of the fastest all time UK V50 10K time of 35.05 – which Fiona set). Not surprisingly, this is the fastest winning time from the nine Women’s Running 10K races held so far this year. Finsbury Park is the 10th and final race of the year so the challenge is set for the fastest winning time of the series to be achieved.


The Women’s Running 10K London Club Challenge is simple:


  • The fastest three women from the same UKA affiliated running club make a team

  • The team’s aggregate time will be recorded (three members’ finishing times added together)

  • The fastest team will win a one-off £150 cash prize – £50 each!


Entry price for runners who are in a team of three is £24, which includes the £2 discount for England Athletics accredited club runners. Every finisher receives:


  • Finisher’s medal

  • Technical T-shirt

  • Drawstring goody bag full of gifts – worth £30

  • Free tea and cake


Feedback from runners in the first nine events of the series has been really positive:


  • 86% rated the overall race day very good or excellent

  • Less than 2% of runners said they would not take part in the event again

  • 96% said they would recommend the event to a friend


To enter the Women’s Running 10K race in Finsbury Park, go to: www.WR10K.co.uk