World best 10k times likely to fall in Round 3 of Grand Prix


In addtion to 'super-vet' Martin Rees (handicap -0.8) who will aim to run the fastest ever 10k for a 62 year old at the Bristol 10k, Andrew Green (handicap -2.3), who currently holds the world best for a 52 year old will be lining up for this race, which is race number 3 in the runbritain Grand Prix

Andrew, from Warrington in Cheshire, is ranked number 1 in the M50 category. He set the current world best at the Trafford 10k last month when he ran 31:33. This is 2:42 faster than any other M50 this year. He then went on to set a world best of 15:30 for 5k at the Podium 5k on 18 April. He will be aiming to run the Bristol 10k in close to 31 minutes!

Andrew's brother, Graham (handicap -1.5), also shot to the top of the M50 rankings for the marathon when he ran 2:32:01 at London on Sunday!

The Bristol 10k is the third race in the runbritain Grand Prix and takes place just six days after race number two, The Bupa London 10,000. Two of the early elite entries for Bristol are John Beattie (handicap -4.9) who is currently sitting second on the table with 349 points and just one point behind Ian Kimpton (handicap -4.8) ) and Emma Stepto (handicap -0.9) who won last year's women's Grand Prix.

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