World’s First Strapless Continuous Performance Heart Rate Monitor

Strapless Continuous Performance Heart Rate Monitor

MIO, maker of the world’s first strapless heart rate monitor watches, has announced the launch of its new MIO ALPHA, the world’s first continuous heart rate monitor sport watch that accurately records heart rate continuously without a chest strap, even at performance speeds up to 12 mph.

With no uncomfortable chest strap and no need to stop and hold a fingertip to a sensor, MIO ALPHA is the only sport and fitness heart rate monitor of its kind that provides continuous, accurate heart rate readings in a sleek, comfortable, casually-styled sport watch.

Designed for runners and cyclists that want to track their heart rate but don’t want to wear an uncomfortable chest strap, ALPHA’s intuitive two-button functionality is simple to use and provides easy access to workout timers, continuous heart rate display, and both at-a-glance and audible heart rate zone alerts for optimum workout efficiency and effectiveness. ALPHA also tracks last-run statistics including total run time, average heart rate and time spent “in zone” for target heart rate.

A built-in Bluetooth® Smart transmitter feeds real-time data from ALPHA directly into iPhone and Android apps to track and graph performance data over time. With all the “heavy lifting” of data collection and analysis conducted on the smartphone, the ALPHA maintains a simple and sleek interface that makes measuring workout effectiveness fast and easy.

ALPHA’s advanced electro-optical sensors detect blood volume in the wrist as it pulsates with the rhythm of the heart. An onboard motion detector and built-in noise filtration software compensate for the natural arm movement of walking or running that typically interferes with the signal in most other similar devices. By virtue of its advanced industrial design and sensor engineering, ALPHA displays and records accurate heart rate even during motion-intense activities.

“Accurately detecting heart rate through perspiration and motion is a major engineering feat. The design must be precise in order to achieve accuracy at high performance, and we were well aware of the high risk of failure,” said MIO CEO Liz Dickinson. “But, where others have failed, our ALPHA design successfully overcomes that obstacle. It’s incredibly comfortable, simple to use and aesthetically, it’s outstanding.”

MIO ALPHA comes with a USB charging dock and its rechargeable lithium polymer battery lasts up to 18 hours in use.

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