Your top ten runbritain pages in 2013

Happy New Year to all runbritain friends and family! We hope you are looking forward to a healthy and happy 2014 where you will run well all year and hit all of your targets! In addition we hope we can continue to provide you with everything you need from the one-stop shop for running advice and support that is runbritain.

In order to continue to provide the best service we can we thought we'd have a quick look at your top ten favourite pages from 2013 on the runbritain website. We found them to be:

Number 1 - The runbritain rankings site

To date, more than 39,000 of you have registered to see your runbritain handicap score and take advantage of the other benefits including your bespoke personal running biog profile page and personal progress graph. This is also the part of the site where we post results of all licensed races. No surprises that many of you hit that button on a Sunday night and Monday morning!

Number 2 - Races

It's no wonder that so many of you log on to see our race calendar as you can enter races FREE with our online entry service.

Number 3 - Training and Advice

Many of you go to our Training and Advice pages for training programmes that will get you to your next target in great shape. Not only are there generic programmes for 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon but there is a Training Wizard to help you with a more bespoke, weekly service. In addition, there are articles offering an holistic approach to training and to  improve your understanding of how training works.

Number 4 - Race Directors' Club.

If you are a race director, race organiser, on a race committee or simply help out at your local road race this is a great resource that will help you better your event and it's your number 4 on our chart!

Number 5 - Grand Prix

Here you find all the information you need about the six-race runbritain Grand Prix including the scoring system and results. The information for 2014 is now uploaded so, if you've not visited that page yet, check it out!

Number 6 - News

If you're reading this then you've already hit the button this year! This is our first port of call to communicate with you. With fresh news almost every day of the year, we bring you running news from runbritain and further afield.

Number 7 - runfaster

This is actually part of the Training and Advice section but it appears that many of you were working on your speed last year because you had a look at this page more than the other fitness factors that are on there! Did it pay off? We hope so!

Number 8 - Ten week schedule to break 50 minutes for 10k

This was the most popular training schedule that we created! Looking at the rankings and some of the comments it would appear that it has paid off too! This is one comment we have had on that page:

After posting the questions below 2 months ago (thank you for the explanations) I followed the schedule above as much as my time would permit (maybe about 70%). The schedule certainly seems to have worked as I finished the York 10k, my target event, in 50:38, taking 2:05 off my previous personal best (which I'd been stuck at for a while). With more training (and without 2 shoe lace stops!) I'm confident sub 50 is achievable.

Number 9 - Six week schedule to run 5k in under 18 minutes

The second most popuar schedule! It would appear that cross country runners as well as road runners were using this one.

Number 10 - runfurther

Again, this is part of the Training and Advice section and the second most popular fitness component to work on!

Our 2014 objective is to increase the support and motivation that we provide to runners and race organisers alike. Let's all work together to make it a great year for running!