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Beginners Virtual Runathon is the perfect new year resolution

Anyone wishing to get fit in the new year has until31stJanuaryto sign up for an innovative new programme,Virtual Runathon. A brilliant way to encourage beginners to get active and kick-start 2018,Virtual Runathonis a5K or 10K virtual running challengefrom professional training providers Get Event Fit.

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Weekend results now live

Did you race this weekend? Did you get the new year off to a good start? Most of theresultsare in and it's time to checkyour handicapscore and yourladderposition.

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runstronger with runbritain towards your spring targets

How will you progress your training in the new year? For many runners the Christmas period is about getting out forlong runsand building a good aerobic base. Now that the new year is here it is time to work on yourstrength-enduranceas you plan for spring targets.

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