Runderwear festival

Runderwear Festival of Running coming soon

With limited races to aim for, or friends to train with, the team at Runderwear aim to keep your spirits high and your training on track. Runderwear are bringing you the Runderwear Festival of Running over the Easter weekend (April 2-4).

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Alzeimers Research UK banner

Running Down Dementia

Are you looking for a new challenge to take on during lockdown? Then Running Down Dementia may be just the thing for you! Now more than ever, we all need something to get us moving and dementia research needs your running help.

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woodbank kids track start

Home and school activities to develop your movement skills for running

Over the last year there have been concerns over the quality of physical activity individuals are accessing during periods of lockdown. Although more people seem to have discovered walking, running and cycling and there have been many online resources published questions have been raised concerning the quality of activity and keeping children progressing with movement skills. Of course many of these are relevant to the running community.

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