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Anglo Celtic Plate 100k Championships preview

With British teams having great success in ultra distances in recent years, particularly at European level but also on the world stage, one of the key championships will be held this Sunday in the county of Armagh, Northern Ireland. Local man Gareth King and Ollie Garrod from South London will start as the men to watch. Jo Wilson, last year's women's champion, returns to defend her title.

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Top tips for running up hills

Running uphill can be challenging, but with good technique and training, you can become more efficient and effective at it. Here are some tips for running uphill:

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Mellor NB kit

Weekend update

This weekend Jonny Mellor won the prestigious Wilmslow Half Marathon in a PB that saw him through 10 miles in less than 47 minutes. Lauren McNeill took the women's title whilst, at the Brecon Carrag Cardiff Bay 10km, Omar Ahmed was first across the line withCarolina Wikstrm winning the women's race.

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Common running ailments

It is generally accepted that runners are healthier than the average person but running can put you more at risk of succumbing to illness and injury. The trick is getting the right amount and type of training at the right time but even the most careful and sensible runners will be struck down with some kind of injury or illness from time to time.

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Treadmill running

There are many times and reasons for running on a treadmill; such as in the winter months when well-lit running routes are hard to find or when the snow is on the ground making outside running treacherous. Other reasons might include monitoring improvements for gait, cadence or running technique that can be analysed easily on a treadmill.

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Weekend update

This weekend, Sam Atkin set a new UK record over 5k in Lille, jumping four seconds ahead of Marc Scott's record set three years previously. In the New York Half Marathon, Andrew Butchart and Jess Warner-Judd ran through the cold windy conditions to post the best British performances.

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