World best 10k times likely to fall in Round 3 of Grand Prix

In addtion to 'super-vet' Martin Rees (handicap -0.8) who will aim to run the fastest ever 10k for a 62 year old at the Bristol 10k, Andrew Green (handicap -2.3), who currently holds the world best for a 52 year old will be lining up for this race, which is race number 3 in the runbritain Grand Prix

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Paula Marathon records

Paula to say her marathon farewell today

Paula Radcliffe (handicap 3.7) will run, what could be, her final marathon in just a few hours time at the Virgin Money London Marathon where thousands of fellow-runners and fans will cheer her along just as they did in 2003 when she set her world record of 2:15:25.

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