Weight training

runstronger towards your springtime target

How will you progress your training in the new year? For many runners the Christmas period is about getting out for long runs and building a good aerobic base. Now that the new year is here it is time to work on your strength-endurance.

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New advice on micronutrients

After two days over-indulging on sweets, chocolates, puddings and cakes it's time to take your runner's diet seriously again. To remind you on what to put into your tank and support your training we have published this new article, four essential micronutrients, in our runrobustly section on the training pages.

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The runbritain rankings system

300,000 handicap scores recorded

Have you raced this weekend? If the race, that you took part in, was licensed by UKA, Athletics Northern Ireland, Scottish Athletics or Welsh Athletics then we have a handicap score for you!

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