Asthma uk charity

Guide to managing asthma through the year

If you're an asthma sufferer that runs regularly then you'll know that there are few things more irritating than having your run or jog brought to an early end by painful and uncomfortable symptoms.

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Shun those shin splints

Shin splints and returning to running

Shin splints usually refers to pain along the tibia (or shin bone), the long bone at the front of your lower leg. Shin splints are common in teenagers, new runners and others that may be increasing activity levels.

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club running

Strength endurance sessions

When you have built up your aerobic base and have ticked off your target of "getting round" the distance that you were building up towards you will need to decide what your next target will be.

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Enjoy run

Tempo Running

As you progress your running ability, you may want to include some Tempo running or Aerobic Threshold running. Once you have built up a good aerobic baseand are able to cover your chosen distance without stopping, you will benefit from this method of training..

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Camb Start

What are your barriers to running?

So you've heard all of the reasons why you should run: the health benefits, the social scene, the accessibility in terms of cost and places to do it but there is still that little gremlin sitting on your shoulder telling you that it's not for you! Today we look at some of the barriers to running and how you can knock them down and get past them.

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