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Racing this weekend?

The weekend is just about here and there are plenty of races on the calendar. Which one are you gearing up for? Here are our top tips on how to get to the finish line in the time and condition that you are aiming for.

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The National Running Show coming to Birmingham soon!

The National Running Show is fast approaching with tickets now available for a host of speakers and a heap of oportunities to win and share running experiences. Tickets start at just £10 per day for the 22nd and 23rd January weekend.

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Perris Wightman Travers Meslek

Weekend update

There were some outstanding weekend performances with Emile Cairess being the highlight with a UK record equalling 10k performance in Valencia. Other eye-catching performances included a Commonwealth qualifier for Amelia Quirk in Sheffield and a UK Junior indoor 3000m record from Osian Perrin (pictured). The Belfast Victoria parkrun saw two top parkrun times from Ben Branagh and Grace Carson.

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