Great Langdale start

Tapering for your race

You've put in the miles, the speed and strength work and race day is fast approaching so all there is left to do it to taper. Tapering for your race is one of the most important parts of your preparation. When the gun goes off it is important that you have some zip and the way to find that zip is to ease off the training in the days, or maybe weeks, leading up to the race.

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Fastest 5000m ever by a British Runner

Top tips for starting speedwork

Having tackled a distance event successfully you will probably now you want to run it faster. That means you will have to do some speed work. Here, we offer some key pointers to help get you to the finish line faster.

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Road Relays

Weekend update

There were many top drawer performances on a weekend that saw the National Road Relays in Birmingham's Sutton Park and the return of the hugely popular Manchester Marathon that saw wins for Matthew Crehan and Anne Bracegirdle. Lauren Heyes continues her comeback with the fastest female parkrun while the fastest man was Luke Duffy.

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Weight training

Weight training for running

How do you train for running? If it were a case of just putting one foot in front of the other over and over again we wouldn't need this huge section on Training!

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