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Chasing new trails and scenic pathway runs

If you are training to take on the challenge of running an endurance event you will need to do some long runs and many foot contacts with the ground in training. In other words, you will carry out repetitive training in order to achieve your goals. The problem with fast repetitions is that it can lead to over-use injury and it can become boring but not if you vary your surface, your routes and the scenery.

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Peak trail runners

The LSD weekend run

What does your normal weekend morning training consist of? For many, it is a long, slow run, often with company and it will last for an hour or more. Sunday morning normally works well for this session that is part of the runner's staple diet. We are often off work and so have time to take our time, as it were! This long run is often referred to as long slow distance or LSD and is a term present in the vocabulary of runners and cyclists training for long events.

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marc scott

Global medal for Marc Scott at the World Indoor Championships

The World Championships in Belgrade proved a tall order for the best in Britain with injury proving a limiting factor for some of the potential medallists including Keely Hodgkinson and Elliot Giles. There were, however, breakthrough performances including a bronze medal for Marc Scott who won his first global track medal in a terrific tussle with the favourites.

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