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Twelve week schedule to break 60 minutes for 10k

You've done a 5k and may have done one or more 10k's before. You have chosen to challenge yourself, maybe it's to get more sponsorship or just for a personal challenge.

Run England have training support groups across the country with friendly trained leaders who specialise in helping people just like you.

You don't have to do this alone!

But you might like to, so here is a programme that will help you focus on the best areas to guarantee improvement.

But of course it gets harder when you have a target, your no longer just running you're TRAINING

You'll need some way of knowing how far you have run eg track, a known mile or km route, Garmin Sat Nav, web based run measure.

This will ensure you are working to your new aim pace and not doing 12 weeks of guesswork.

There are 3 key runs a week that you can fit around your own lifestyle plus an optional speedy session

Each session has it's own focus,

Conversation pace for 'time on your feet 'so that gradually the distance feels very comfortable

Moderate or steady pace (slower than you did your last 10k) and incorporating some hills for a shorter time to build your strength and confidence

New aim 10 k pace shorter sessions to increase your running efficiency and target a new race pace.

This is when you need to be able to know how far or fast you're running (see above notes)

Optional 2nd speedy session These should be a bit quicker than 10k pace to really hone that speed and make race pace a doddle!

These paces are your own and no one else's. You decide what they are for you based on your previous times.

You'll also see that every session has a warm up and cool down that will clock up a few extra miles.

Remember stretching should be dynamic before the sessions and static afterwards. Remember  to stretch after every session.

Take a recovery or easier day between your harder run sessions eg walk, cross training, swimming, yoga, pilates or just put your feet up.

Don't be tempted to do more than we suggest, if it feels easy then just up the pace a tiny bit and you'll feel the difference.

Listen to your body and don't be afraid to lose a session or two for the longer goal of your event and PB.

By Peg Wiseman L3 Endurance coach.


Moderate or steady pace


New aim 10k pace

My new pace is:

5 min easy to steady warm up and 5 min easy cool down every session

2nd  optional speedy session


5 min easy to steady warm up and 5 min easy cool down every session


Easy conversation pace



 3 min easy warm up, then

10 mins steady, 3 mins easy, 3 times  through; 3 min cool down

3x 1 km with 2 min jog between



6 x 1 min quicker

With 1 min easy recovery between.


A regular 60-90 min run at your conversation


60-70 mins


45 min steady with first and final 5 mins easy

2 x 1 mile  with 2 min jog between


30 min run with quicker pick- ups as you feel, easy pace recovery

60-90 min  easy run

80 mins


45 min as week 2

4 x 1 km with 2 min jog between


30 min run with 8 x 1 min quicker efforts and easy 1 min between

60-90 min  easy run

85 mins


45 min as week 1


5 x 800m with 1 min jog recovery


30sec quick

30 sec easy

60 sec quick 60 sec easy  x6


60-90 min  easy run

95 mins


45min as week 2

3 x 1km with 90 sec recovery

30 min

As week 2

60-90 min  easy run

Pull back


85 mins


45min as week 1

2 x 1 mile with 90 sec recovery


As week 3 but 10 efforts

60-90 min  easy run

115 mins


50 min start easy then hold steady pace to end

4 x 1km with 90 sec recovery

30 min

As week 4

60-90 min easy run

120 mins


50 min as week 7

5 x 800m with 90 sec recovery


30 min


As week 2

60-90 min easy run

125 mins


55 min easy to steady

3 x 1km with 1 min recovery

As week 3 but 12 efforts

60-90 min easy run

Pull back


110 mins



45min easy to steady

3 x 1 mile with 90 sec recovery

30 min

As week 4

60-90 min easy run

130 mins


45 min steady

5 x 500m with 1 min recovery

30 min

As week 1

45 min easy run

Easing down

90 mins


Mon or Tues

30 mins steady run

Weds or Thurs

16 x 40 second quick with 20 second recovery jog

No 2nd speed this week

Fri and Sat



Your Run

10 k

While runbritain takes every care to help readers with training, diet and injuries, neither they, nor their contributors, can accept responsiblity for illness or injury caused as a result of advice given.