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Training & advice

Keep it real

How do you feel when you start a new training programme? Chances are that you are excited, enthusiastic and motivated. The key is to realise that those feelings normally fade at some point during your build up and to ensure that you stick to the programme there are a few things you can do.

Break it down. Break your programme into a few smaller, more digestible pieces (milestones). Pencil some shorter races into your programme. These smaller and more achievable goals will lead to the ultimate goal of running your target race. They allow you to test your training, practice your pacing and learning what works for you in terms of fuel and hydration.

Be patient and persistent. There will be ups and downs; but if you stick with it and stay on target you will reach the next milestone. Stay motivated by keeping a log or diary and look back every few weeks to see your progress. You may not notice change over a few days, but a few weeks makes a big difference. Register to receive the runbritain newsletter to help with your motivation.

Reward yourself with a massage or a new piece of kit when you reach a mini-goal. It's good for you and is a great way to stay motivated and celebrate reaching the next milestone. Put your marathon goal and mini-goals somewhere you can see them daily.

Surround yourself with support. Join a Run  England group, jogscotland group or club. Tell everyone you know about your goals. You’ll have a built-in motivational source and if you've arranged to meet other runners you are more likely to go out and run when you’re not inclined. Invite your support team to celebrate reaching your mini-goals. Positive reinforcement goes a long way in staying on track!