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In from the cold or out in the elements?

Where do you run? Do you like to be outdoors or do you prefer the treadmill in the gym?

The benefits of exercising outdoors are well documented:

Training outdoors can burn up to 20 percent more calories

Outdoor workouts are even more challenging due to your body having to work harder with uneven surfaces and the natural elements

Training with the uneven surfaces improves your balance and core skills

Being outdoors provides us with essential vitamin D, which helps us maintain strong healthy bones, by retaining calcium, not forgetting a healthy glow!

So what about the benefits of running indoors on a treadmill?

Treadmill running is ideal for beginners as it can help build confidence. You can start with a mixture of running and walking. A treadmill is ideal for this because the speed can be easily adjusted to match the effort.

The gradient of the treadmill can be altered so that you can do some resistance training by replicating running uphill

Treadmills are usually in safe environments, so if you don't have a training partner or have to train in the dark, they are a good option.

Modern treadmills come with pre-programmed training schedules or with add-ons that enable you to customise your workouts

Treadmills are more forgiving than road and absorb shock better than the tarmac

There are some disadvantages though that should be considered:

Because the ground is pulling away from you it can alter your running style and injury is a possiblilty

Lack of wind resistance means that you can get quite hot

Decisions, decisions!