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Summer running tunes

Are you a fair weather runner? Do you just love running to the sound of summer tunes? Here is our pick of the pops for your summer run of around 35 - 40 minutes that will see you gradually pick up the pace.


Track BPM  
The Ting Tings That's not my name 145 Your shoes are on,headphones in place and you're out of the door and ready to go. Let's start nice and steady with a gentle pace...
Billy Idol White Wedding 147 Increasing the pace slightly as you find your's a nice day for steady running...
Toni Basel Mickey 148 Feeling blows your mind!
Laid Back Sunshine Reggae 168 Still feeling laid back but this tune will encourage you to pick the pace up again.
Ini Kamoze Here comes the hopstepper 170 This tune should see you eating up the miles in around 8 minutes.
Eminem Lose yourself 172 Now you'll lose yourself in the moment and settle on this pace...
Kenny Loggins Footloose 175 ..running footloose and fancy free!
Electric Light Orchestra Blue Sky 176 You're on top of your pace now, running without a care in the world with blue sky above and the sound of summer all around...
Bruce Springsteen Born to Run 147 ..but now you're coming to the end of your session. Time to slow the pace whilst you remember why you love running on days like today!
Stevie Wonder Master Blaster 131 Ok - now it's time to take it really easy when it's hotter than July. Run over, time to shower and chill!