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Get the vibe

Motivation is the problem for most people when it comes to exercise - you just don’t feel like it.

Choosing the right kind of music can give you the required psychological shot in the arm that makes you feel like moving.

Why?   It’s a combination of the tempo (beat); the vibe; the lyrics; memory triggers and the way the tracks are compiled. 

The faster the beat the faster you’ll move.

Vibe is key; for example dance and pop generally bounce you up; thrashing rock injects positive aggression, trance keeps you going and so on.

“Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen is one of the most popular tracks on playlists compiled by runners.   A bit like coaching, lyrics can massively affect your mental state.

Think back to some of the most exciting and happy moments in your life and pick the songs you listened to from that era to pump up your energy levels.

You only need to look at how a DJ controls the dance floor to see the importance of compilation.  You can structure your workout by matching your playlist to your activity levels.

With thanks to AudioFuel for this article.