This competition uses the results of all runbritain-licensed events (including parkruns), from Tuesday - Tuesday, that have been uploaded by 12 noon each Wednesday. There will be a final additional column, that conceals a clock, alongside your result. Underneath, it will have the percentage improvement or increase on your runbritain handicap score from that race result and this will be revealed when you click your clock.

Results of events taking place up until 5pm on a Monday are expected to be listed before noon on Wednesday, depending on the race organiser’s timing in lodging full results with Athletics Data.


Competition format

All you have to do is #clickyourclock’ on the results sheet to find out if you have percentage improvement or increase in that race. You don’t have to have run a personal best time. If the course was hilly, windy or multi-terrain, your handicap score reflects this degree of difficulty and a time slower than your PB could still represent a runbritain handicap score improvement. At 12 noon each Wednesday, from Wednesday 23rd March to Wednesday 14th September 2016, a random draw will be made from all those runners on the #clickyourclock leaderboard whose scores have improved by any amount in the preceding seven days and the prize is a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor.

To enter the competition you must:

  1. have done at least 3 parkruns or licensed races in the preceding 6 months
  2. claimed your handicap
  3. clickyourclock
  4. make sure you do this before 12 noon each Wednesday to be eligible to win the prize.

Please note: The improvement has to be absolute. It is compared to your previous best ever score.

If any Polar prize winner has not responded to the email notification by 5pm Friday, the prize will roll over to the next week and the runbritain Reward Running competition will continue until October.

Find the #clickyourclock leaderboard here.